The eBketone K01 Blood Ketone Body Analyzer is very simple to use.

The measurement with this analyzer requires a minimum volume of blood (0.5 microliters) that we achieve through the puncture in the fingertip using a lancet and in 10 seconds it accurately gives us the blood level of Beta-Hydroxybutyrate .

The data obtained with the eBketone K01 analyzer is a faithful representation of the level of ketone bodies in blood, since it is by far the most abundant ketone body in a ketosis situation. The analysis of β-Hydroxybutyrate (β-OHB) in blood is the best way to know exactly the level of ketosis in the body and thus to know the real impact that the body is having on a keto or ketogenic diet.

Manufacturer: Visgeneer Inc.

Model: eB-K01

Sample Volume: 0.5 microliters

Analysis Type: Enzymatic-Amperometric

Analysis time: 10 seconds

Operating Temperature: Between 10º and 40º C

Memory: 180 results with day and time

Dimensions: 87 x 63 x 23 (mm)

Power: 2 AAA batteries

Brand: eBketone

Test Strip Model: LK-01

Sample Type: Capillary Blood Substrate

Analyzed: Beta-Hydroxybutyrate

Enzyme used: Beta-Hydroxybutyrate dehydrogenase + Diaphorase

Measurement Range: Between 0 and 8’0 mMol / l

Relative operating humidity: Less than 85%

Hematocrit Range: Between 30% and 60% Weight: 78 grams

On: Automatic when inserting a test strip

Presentations of the eBketone Analyzer: