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Medición Cetonas

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Pack de 100 lancetas 28G

Price €9.68

Apósitos de Celulosa...

Price €6.05


Price €9.99

Pack de 200 Lancetas Acero...

Price €9.68

Contenedor de Material...

Price €3.63

Unistik Safety Lancets

Unistik safety lancets are designed to perform punctures quickly and painlessly avoiding the risk of needle sticks once they have been used. Depending on the lancet selected, more or less blood flow will be obtained.

Price €15.73

Guantes de Látex, Caja de...

Price €12.00

Cutasept Skin Disinfectant

Disinfectant spray for the skin to be used before making a puncture with the lancet.

Price €12.10